And I stood there ignoring the beautiful things in front of me, just looking for the ugliest thing to jump at me.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that since I’ve been hurt, heartbroken and betrayed by everyone around me.
But this time, its different. Its important to embrace the person you love. Sometimes things can be dealt with in such simple ways, its you who makes it complicated. 
There’s still a crazy part of me that thinks things just mess up in general. I wish I could change that. But I’m sorry I cant. 
I’m sorry.


Dreams > ? Reality > ? Similarity > ? 

Sometimes its like, life is just a roundabout. Turning round and round in a circle. Same feelings. Same emotions. Different faces though, covered in the same mask painted with deceit, heartlessness, selfishness and greed.
Same feelings. Same emotions. Till the only feeling that can be a saviour takes over. That feeling of being numb.
But tell me.. how long can you push back fears, how long can you feel numb for, how long can you build that wall around you, how long.. can you be alone for, be lonely for ?