She has been chased by demons, in a dark dark twisted world.
She coudn’t wake from her nightmare, this never ending run.
She tried to stop to catch her breath, only thing she caught was regret.
Regret for even wanting to stop, being led by no faith, she stood there with in a circle with no corner to hide in.
She tried to open her eyes, or close her eyes to wake,
Caught by masked creatures, who walked over her, and some who didn’t let her go.
She tried to reach out for a hand, to leave these evil monsters, but little did she know, Only the monsters win.
So she stood up and decided to run again.. and she did..
She tried to open her eyes but realised, the whole time she thought it was a nightmare, it was reality she was stuck in…. 


In search of light, in this very dark world,
Caught in chaos, drowning in a swirl of fright,
Feeling weaker and weaker, falling into a silent trap of the loudest sounds,
Going insane, and here I am, with myself I fight.

When at night, they haunt me in my dreams,
In my dreams I wish to wake,
But when I open my eyes,
I’m caught in a realm, not knowing what’s real… and what’s fake.