And I stood there ignoring the beautiful things in front of me, just looking for the ugliest thing to jump at me.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that since I’ve been hurt, heartbroken and betrayed by everyone around me.
But this time, its different. Its important to embrace the person you love. Sometimes things can be dealt with in such simple ways, its you who makes it complicated. 
There’s still a crazy part of me that thinks things just mess up in general. I wish I could change that. But I’m sorry I cant. 
I’m sorry.


You’re here today, tomorrow you’re gone.

Each time you return. you leave my heart more torn.

"I will be OK", I say to myself. 

Its a lie I say to get by each day.

To hate you or love you is the dilemma of my life,

I can’t live without thinking everyday that one day I’ll be your wife.

I hope one day you realise how much you destroyed me.

I was ready to trade my soul for you and all you did was turned your back on me.

I hope one day Karma gets you back,

And when it does … I’ll be long gone. 

This is exactly how I feel right now !

Your mind says, “I deserve more – this relationship is not right.” Your heart says, “Stay, it will work out.”


A broken heart can cause such an intense reaction that you may feel your life has been completely stripped of meaning. Jobs, hobbies, and friends may no longer hold any joy. In fact, some of us even experience physical pain with a tight chest, nervous stomach, or terrible insomnia. “Time heals all wounds” is something we have all heard over the years, but do you really have to wait for time to heal these wounds?