Photography Courtesy : Racquella Kaye


And there they were again…. 

I hope he realises soon.. my hatred, my pain, my change and my journey.
I hope he understands.. my faith, my belief, my thoughts… especially, my thoughts.
I hope he listens.. to my silence, to my unsaid words.
I hope he stands by.. my shadows, my lonely times.
I hope he feels.. my feelings for him, my feelings for the ones I love, the ones I protect.
I hope he accepts.. the truth, the past.

I hope he stays.. I really do.  

Let me go. Let me fall. I’ve fallen before, I won’t feel the pain.
Let me breathe. Let me live. Don’t choke me with your words and tell me there’s nothing in this ugly world to gain.

Hope you guys had a very merry christmas ! 

Yours Truly !!