Yes OFCOURSE ! I hate blondie girls with fake tits and thongs wedging their CULO .. You all look the SAME .. not even similar… especially when I see these girls posing on the Tumblr Dashboard .. HONESLTY yall gotta get more creative ! You guys look like a separate species of human beings. If you’re blonde and have fake tits, ass or WHATEVER it is you’re showing off in your pictures. Atleast make yourself different. You showing your titties right till the area of ur nipple IS NOT CONSIDERED lady liek .. then again .. if your motto in life is to be a WHORE then ofcourse.. who can judge u :) ..

I SERIOUSLY need to address this issue. So basically, when SISQO went blonde, everybody criticized. Some thought it was cool. Some thought it was outrageous. Some just thought that Sisqo is a one-hit artist and he’s a WHATEVER. However, Chris Brown went blonde. Obviously, yes I know he looks hot with the blonde hair, red hair, blue hair, no hair whatever… and no I aint hating. But before you go ahead with you TEAMBREEZY all up in my face. Let me tell you that this has nothing to do with CHRIS BROWN whatsoever, its to do with the people. So my dear men, all of you decided to go blonde and rock up to a club, REGARDLESS if it even suits you or not .. FAIL !! .. For real, when will you guys ever start being original ?! .. lol, I dont see that time coming aaannyyytiimmeee NOW .. nope ! I remember counting blonde heads at a club recently with my best friend and laughing at the fact that how foolishly these guys thought they would be accepted into the “COOL” sector of society by going blonde ! FOR FUCK SAKE !!!!!! ITS NOT COOL !!! STOP !!! Its a different story to follow trends, and its a different story to jack swag. Yes I agree that Chris Brown has been a trend setter in whatever case.. but STILL !!! NO !! YOU GUYS WHO HAVE GONE BLONDE AND DON’T KNOW HWO TO ROCK IT .. DO NOT LOOK ****AMAZING**** in it !!!!! .. You guys probably thought that girls will get attracted to you more WELL LEMEM TELL YOU THOSE GIRLS ARE PLAIN STUPID !!!!!!!!! .. argh .. 2 words yall ————-» GET REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT FOLLOW .. BUT LEAD !!!